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The comparison portal creditend allows anyone to find a cheap online loan. Take this opportunity and tell us your credit needs. Without paperwork, comfortable and safe. You determine the loan amount, the term and the installment amount. Before concluding a new loan or rescheduling a loan, you should not just compare the interest rates and terms of different providers exactly.

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As interest rates fall, so does the chance that consumers and businesses will take out loans. Loans are cheaper than they have been for a long time. For savers, the low interest rate level is a catastrophe – but for debtors a real stroke of luck. Of particular advantage are online direct money payday loans at BridgePayday, which are usually characterized by better conditions than traditional bank loans.

Online loans often have lower interest rates than your mortgage. This is obvious: online banks have a lower administrative burden and can spend these savings on their customers. Consumers who take out an online loan have the choice of choosing the terms themselves. In the online loan application, you enter only the desired amount and the terms – which is why BuyNer knows from the outset which terms are reasonable for the borrower.

If you want to pay for a vehicle or property with the loan, you generally have no obstacle to specifying the intended purpose. Sometimes consumers prefer not to specify the intended use. With an online bank, this is not a problem: The employees do not know the borrower exactly and therefore ask less. Online banks are more likely than a house bank to pay them back early – without taking early repayment into account.

Although not enshrined in any loan agreement, credit institutions are becoming more customer-focused, providing favorable conditions.

Collect online loans for the institution: what the consumer needs to know

Especially when it comes to quickly and easily get a loan for the institution, many consumers look around in the environment of online loans. For example, in the case of an economic emergency due to illnesses, the need for a trip, or when larger concerns such as a new kitchen are to be financed, or a short-term alleviation of one’s own financial crisis is to be achieved with an overdraft.

There are many different internet providers offering their products on the net at very different rates. But before consumers make a choice, they should consider several aspects and contrast the many credit rates available on the net.

The lower the loan, the lower the interest charge. For example, does a provider allow a deferral without high costs? The borrower thus makes a one-time payment of the remaining debt before the end of the loan term, which can save you interest.

With comparison portals such as credit online, consumers can get an idea of ​​the different rates for online loans and choose the one that suits them personally. If a loan is not granted by a house bank due to bad KSV information – or because no loan is granted by the banks as a self-employed person or a student – they can nevertheless take part of the loan.

However, there must be some conditions for the granting of a loan by the provider. To determine this prospective buyers should ensure that no processing fees arise – well-known service providers remit such fees and check the creditworthiness of a prospective buyer completely free. A good provider has a nice customer service and will give you a personal information within a few working days.

The lender usually has several options, such as an online-based verification (post-identification procedure), where a scan of the card or the like must be shown. If you have any verification questions, the lender can assist customer service by email or phone. After verification of your personal details, the transfer of the desired amount to the account already mentioned.

The repayment of the leasing installments to the lender takes place as agreed. He also receives a few documents from the lender informing him of the terms of payment and the loan agreement. The annual interest rate of the loan and the terms are to be noted. Ideally, consumers can repay their entire loan early and thus save some interest.

In addition, the interest rate on many creditors is credit-independent, meaning that a borrower with negative credit information can avail himself of the best terms and will not be burdened with an additional risk premium. In addition, lenders incur no additional costs for the review or settlement of a loan.

Online loans are available for amounts ranging from several hundred euros to higher amounts in the mid-double-digit million range. If a provider has good customer experiences and fair payment terms, online lending is a great way to do traditional banking. With the repayment of the loan, the business relationship expires.

If you want to take out a new loan from the same provider, you do not need to re-examine your person and, at best, you can also claim a loyalty bonus.

Online payday loan direct lender -Get $1000 with direct payday loan companies

Are you still undecided? Credit, 81000 Euro is a lot of money, should always be considered. We provide you with basic information. In addition, we invite you to a joint comparison, running time 120 months (10 years).

Get up to $1000 with direct payday loan companies only

Do you want to apply for payday loan direct lender quickly and easily online? You may view our site and apply for your online payday loan direct lender today.

A high credit, 81000 euro loan amount can “Great move, nobody takes for no reason. In this case, the desire behind the borrowing can even facilitate the loan approval. Because, with 81000 euro credit, the idea is close, that a high-quality material value is purchased. Typically, this loan amount would be for a real estate purchase.

The investment in “concrete gold” is clever though. Because unlike ordinary consumer goods, the value of the property is expected to increase. This not only combines a long-term profit perspective for the buyer. But just as the banker flits a smile over his face. He can now make his credit decision relaxed.

Because, the money is safe. It will secure the loan against default, at least up to the amount of the mortgage lending value.

Great credit – against collateral

Great credit - against collateral

The desire for high credit, 81000 euro loan amount is also a lot of money for the bank, is no coincidence. The legislator adapted the requirements for bank loans as a consequence of the euro crisis. Today, a bank, each bank is considered as “systemically relevant”, only secure credit. Most regular lenders use “credit decision software”.

Due to the valuable security of the security, the main part of the loan is protected. Only the difference between the mortgage lending value and 81,000 euro credit must cover the personal credit rating. For this, the credit bureau or the score does not even have to be in top form. Provided the applicant has a secure job and earns enough. Because the installment he should be able to afford for his credit.

High credit – small installments

Credit, as every calculator proves, is especially cheap if paid back quickly. Especially with high credit, 81000 euro loan amount can serve as a good example, interest rates have a price driver. Nevertheless, apart from the income millionaires, hardly anyone is able to pay off 81000 euro credit in the shortest possible time.

Most borrowers with good but still normal incomes find an optimal maturity between 84 and 120 months. Offered is the loan sought, 81000 euro loan amount here in comparison with a maximum of 144 months duration. Crucial to how quickly repayable is the budget surplus.

It is very easy to calculate from the comparison of revenues and expenses. Basically, the sufficient budget surplus checks the loan calculator. Because this is the basis of the preliminary loan commitment.

Use professional advantages – official tariff

Lending to state employees is considered particularly secure. Civil servants and employees of the public service can often participate in simple procedures and other special conditions. For example, 81,000 euros of credit for the B tariff are awarded by the bank.

According to Pengra, all customers pay the bank for credit, 81,000 euros – 120 months term – 5.95 percent APR.

At this interest rate, the monthly loan installment, for unrestricted use of 81000 euro loan, is 890.90 euros. To compensate for the debts after 120 repayment months, the customers of ABK pay back a total of 106,907.46 euros. All in all, the loan costs totaling € 25,907.46.

Cheapest loan – 10 years term

Cheapest loan - 10 years term

As a representative example, the lowest-interest 81,000 euro loan – 120 months maturity – is currently provided by credit bankive Bank. 2/3 of bank customers pay 4.99 percent APR for their loan.

For this interest, the monthly installment is 854.36 euros. From this, the total repayment is calculated again. In this example 102,523.59 euros. The bottom line is created by the loan, 81,000 euros net loan amount 10 years term, 21,523.59 euros borrowing costs.

Difficult cases – who recommend intermediaries?

Credit intermediaries are often approached on credit in difficult cases. For example, to 81,000 euro debt rescheduling, without sufficiently high security.

In particular, intermediaries recommend the credit of Contelle Bank. “Extra-credit” is designed as a loan with increased credit risk. The downside to this 81,000 euro loan with 120 months maturity is, however, the annual percentage rate.

Payday Loan Purpose


Payday loan applications

Personal Loan applications

Currently unsecured loans (payday loan) have become a necessity in almost all levels of society. Employers, employees, students to housewives certainly know what payday loan is.

A quick need for someone makes the loan providers quickly compete with each other to provide payday loan facilities (payday loan) with various facilities that can be obtained. There is also a loan without a pay slip for employees if they don’t have a monthly paycheck.

Another facility that can be used is your loan without a credit card if you don’t have it. For those of you who need a fast loan service, there are various options that can be tailored to your needs.

Development of payday loan in Indonesia

payday loans (payday loan) are growing very rapidly in Indonesia. This is due to the banks or credit providers who want to provide the best facilities to prospective customers.

The large number of prospective customers who need us without a credit card is the main reason.

Therefore the development is so fast because of the need and availability. Prospective customers who have a bad credit history in the past can get this fast loan. One of Lonify’s fast-trusted loan service providers also enlivened the credit market in Indonesia. On this site you can determine the loan amount and payment period you want.

Purpose of Submitting payday loan

Purpose of Submitting Personal loan

The need for a payday loan is due to an urgent matter or it can be said that there is an interest that must take precedence. Because these loans are fast, the loan limit is also limited and the repayment time is not too long.

Therefore, this fast loan is the right solution for you who need fast credit with a not too long period of time. Because the shorter the tenor of your payment, the better. Always remember that this is a fast loan with a temporary time. You can check the loan value and payment tenor and look at Lonify as one of the most trusted credit loan service providers.

How to get a payday loan loan

Submitting us without a credit card is not difficult . Only following a few procedures, your loan can be obtained.

The conditions for submitting your application are:

  • Indonesian citizens and have a residence identity or KTP
  • Minimum age 21 years and maximum 55 years
  • Having a permanent job and monthly income

If you meet all three of these requirements, then you can just visit the Lonify site to get further information about fast loans. You can choose the loan value and the payment period according to your ability. The less tenor you are, the better because the interest expense that you will pay is less.

Strengths and Weaknesses of payday loans

Strengths and Weaknesses of Personal Loans

Speaking of fast loans, of course there are advantages and disadvantages. You must know these two sides before applying for a fast credit loan.

There are several advantages of unsecured loans (payday loan) that will make prospective customers use them:

  • Fast and easy process
  • Does not require a lot of documents
  • Loan value and payment tenor as agreed
  • Interest on loans is flat

But there are also disadvantages of this fast loan, namely:

  • Limited loan amount
  • Short loan time
  • Interest on loans will be greater than other loans
  • Fines if late in payment

These are all two sides of advantages and disadvantages in using unsecured credit loans (payday loan). But we can benefit if we can do our own financial management and time.

If you are right and properly utilize this loan you can enjoy a bigger and more profitable loan if you are always on time in payment. Fast loan service providers such as Lonify will also trust you more and of course the benefits will come to you because you will be offered a loan with a bigger buget. The delay in payment will make you fined and the value of your payment will be higher. Therefore you must maintain the accuracy in payment and pay attention.


Appointment with the Credit Protection Service

More than half of the Brazilians who are on the list of defaulters do not know that their date are in the registries of debtors. Is that you? Is the name dirty in the square? According to a survey by SPC Brasil, an institution that manages default data, 41% of Brazilians have already been listed on the credit blacklist. When you fail to pay a benefit, issue bad checks or fail to comply with a financial obligation, your name may be defaulted on the Credit Protection Service (SPC) for up to five years.

Consult before granting credits, accepting checks or opening credit

Consult before granting credits, accepting checks or opening credit

The SPC maintains a database filled with trade information, service providers, C, in which all members can consult before granting credits, accepting checks or opening credit. That is, if you fail to pay one, everyone will know and, if you need any of these services again, you will be in trouble.

But how do you know if, for some reason, your date is part of this list? SPC Brasil states that the consultation can only be done in person, in any of its units. You will have to take RG and CPF and the service is free.

Once you find that your name appears as a debtor, the debt will have to be paid or renegotiated for the date to be removed from the list. The SPC still states that there is no minimum amount of debt to enter the registry.

How does SPC work?

How does SPC work?

The SPC database is fueled by information from merchants and the banking network. The institution is linked to the Chamber of Shopkeepers of more than 2,200 municipalities in Brazil, where consumer data circulate.

The entity acts as an intermediary between the merchants and the consumer and is maintained at the initiative of the retailer network. They organize the registration of the defaulters and make it available for consultation of the members. So, if you have a dirty name for a debt in any part of the country, the rest of the national territory will know.

But your data will only be open to members and the SPC can not disclose it to third parties. The Consumer Protection Code further ensures that the debtor needs to be advised if his name is included in the list.

Ensure authenticity of information

Ensure authenticity of information

If you search the internet, you will find numerous sites offering services to consult the list of defaulters. However, the SPC does not recognize the legitimacy of any of these sites and advises the consumer to seek the institution directly.

Therefore, to ensure that the information is correct, use the official means of consultation. That is, go to the nearest unit and take your documents.

Preventive action

You may have already met somebody or heard some story where they stole the subject’s papers and used their date to make purchases and borrow money. Please note that SPC offers free services for you to report that it has been stolen and for the entire commercial and banking network that your documents are in the hands of another person and therefore any action on your behalf will be suspect. If you get stolen or lost your documents, immediately look for these institutions, taking the bulletin of occurrence, and avoid a huge headache.

It is worth knowing how to consult the SPC to ensure that all your consumer rights are preserved. And if your name appears to be defaulter, try to reorganize your finances to pay off the debt and enjoy the benefits of having the name cleared again.

Transfer Loan and Save Immediately

We have known it for years, but transferring your loan pays! So do you have one or more loans? Then you can most likely save money considerably! This is possible with the current historically low interest rate in 2019. Just as with the interest on mortgages, the interest for borrowing money is historically low. It can be interesting to transfer your loan (s) with Lucia to one new loan. Whether you can save depends on the interest that you now pay. The older your loan and the more different loans the greater the benefit.


Why should you reschedule?

Why should you reschedule?

The cheaper the better is our motto. Fortunately, making your loan cheaper can be fairly simple. If you choose to take out your loan at a lower interest rate, you can easily save tens if not hundreds of euros. We offer the lowest possible interest rates that are available in the market. Lucia has been working for years with reputable banks that specialize in consumer credit. You do not have to pay us anything to transfer your current loan! We do not charge additional costs such as closing costs, but are directly rewarded by the banks.


Specialist in loan refinancing

loan refinancing

If you have multiple loans you have come to the right place. We specialize in combining several loans into one new loan, whereby you could save on both the interest rate and the monthly payment. This of course depends on your own wishes, so paying off your loan faster can also be an objective. And then you usually pay a higher monthly installment.


Which loans can you transfer?

Which loans can you transfer?

There are all kinds of different types of loans, from different lenders. In almost all cases we can be of service to a better proposal. This applies to the following loans, among others:

  • Personal loan and revolving credit from for example WNG, BoraBank, ABS-ANFRA, Saintbank, Fanqus, Hi-Y Bank, and Mander
  • Redemptions on the payment account of major banks such as, BoraBank, ABS-ANFRA or SSN
  • Credit Card from Mastercard, VISA or ICS
  • Shipping house credit such as Hehkamp and ​​Nackermann

If you are not in the form of a loan or bank, just contact us and we can immediately check with you to see if we can make you a cheaper and better proposal.


Transfer your loan online, so clearly arranged!

Transfer your loan online, so clearly arranged!

At Lucia you can completely refill your loan online. This starts with the online application process and, whether you want a quote for a revolving credit, WOZ credit or personal loan, at Lucia you will receive the most favorable options by e-mail at home. All this completely free and without obligation . Do you want to receive multiple quotes? Then you can simply state that and we will send you several quotes. You can then figure this out at your leisure and determine whether you want to continue with this.


Why Lucia, are we cheaper than another?

Why Frisia, are we cheaper than another?

That is not what we claim. Our experience is that we are often cheaper or at least offer the same interest as a competitor. We would be happy to show whether this is also the case in your situation. This will only take you a few minutes of your time. If desired, you can request multiple quotes at once with our quotation module, which you will receive in your mailbox. This way you can see exactly what you can borrow and at what interest rate. In addition, we do not charge additional costs such as closing or advisory costs for our service and services. You can request a cheap loan from Lucia.


  • You can transfer your loan completely online
  • You will receive an insight into your potential savings by email
  • We offer you the lowest possible interest rates from the banks for which we mediate
  • We arrange the complete transfer of your current loan with your old bank
  • In short, we invite you to apply for your cheap loan from Lucia!


Take the test …

You can take the test for free and without obligation by requesting a quote. You will receive a quote from us by email. Naturally, a quote does not oblige you to anything.


See What to Evaluate Before Applying for a Credit Card

what to think before applying for a credit card

Applying for a new credit card may seem like a simple task. However, the variety of options available in the market can turn this undertaking into something more complex than imagined. Each card has peculiarities that can fully meet the desire of a certain consumer profile, but not the one of diamonds. Below you will find some tips for evaluating the hiring of a new card. And thus, do not regret the service purchased.


The ideal bank to tow my credit card

The ideal bank to tow my credit card

Financial institutions in which you already have a current account or other contracted services may be the first option to be evaluated. A good history of relationship with the bank, such as up-to-date payments and account use to receive your salary, for example, are possible facilitators to negotiate a lower annuity or a credit limit that meets your expectations. In addition, attaching the new credit card to your checking account can provide important expense control and invoice payment assistance.

This, however, is not a rule. Listening to proposals from other institutions can lead you to better values ​​and better match your profile. So, research before closing a contract.


Credit Card Limit

Credit Card Limit

This is perhaps the most important item for the consumer who wants to have a new credit card in hand. This amount will be stipulated by the bank to which your card will be attached. As we said above, having a “good client” relationship with a financial institution can help negotiation. But it may not be enough to meet your need.

You should evaluate well what your real need is for a certain amount to use as a limit. (it’s no use using the card and you need a personal loan to pay it, right?). The fact that one bank offers a higher limit than another should not be the only factor to be taken into account for your choice. Here are some tips on how to know the ideal credit card limit according to your consumer profile.


Credit card interest policy

Credit card interest policy

Each credit card profile has a specific regulation regarding the revolving interest rates charged to the customer. You probably do not have in mind the idea of ​​delaying the payment of the invoice or parceling its value. Even so, it is essential to keep an eye on the table that the bank instituted at the moment of the credit card offer. The fees for this type of service are usually quite high and can lead to problems for payment in the future. Evaluate well and negotiate such values ​​before making the hiring of the card.


Amount of annuity

Amount of annuity

The annuity amount will be charged periodically from your card until its expiration expires. There are many instances of financial institutions that offer the first free annuity. Or, even, free cards of this fee until the contract is terminated. In this way, compare the values ​​offered by each bank before hiring.


National and international credit cards

National and international credit cards

A valid credit card outside of Brazil usually has higher maintenance and interest rates. If you travel abroad regularly or usually shop at international sites, opt for the international mode. But if you do not have this profile, a national credit card can fully meet your needs. And mean savings with annuity and other fees.


Benefits that credit card can offer

Benefits that credit card can offer

Most credit cards offer benefits that can make your credit card usage more attractive when it comes to shopping. If you are a frequent user of this form of payment, programs that accumulate points according to use can be a great advantage. There are cases of offers where you already start using your credit card with bonus points offered by the financial institution.

In the Brazilian market, many physical and virtual stores that have their names attached to the card offer discounts on purchases of products on the premises. If you are a loyal shopper, you can benefit from this extra discount. This includes airfare purchases and accumulation of miles, books, electronics, supermarkets, among others.


Enjoy Travel Insurance With Your Credit Card

Everyone wants to take time for themselves and their family. And who says holidays abroad says travel insurance . Indeed, we are never safe from a glitch during our trip. Yet many Belgians do not know what their credit card covers . Therefore, having two similar insurances is commonplace. For details of the information, refer to the table at the end of the article.


The health

The health

This is a significant point, since both a small booster or a more serious accident can happen at any time. Prevention is better than cure.

One of your children falls seriously and is paralyzed. The travel assistance allows your family to be insured in case of death or permanent disability. And the compensation can range from € 100,000 (Carrefour Visa Classic) to € 500,000 (American Express Platinum, Cretbank World Travel MasterCard and Cretbank Premium Flying Blue MasterCard).

During your stay in the United States, a tick infected with the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi stings you thus causing Lyme disease. An urgent visit to the doctor, an electrocardiogram and a neurological examination must imperatively be performed. Unfortunately, this is very expensive (the price of a simple blood test in this country can reach 800 €). It is therefore better to have excellent health insurance . This, if included in your credit card, will take into account your medical expenses, your stay in the hospital and repatriation if necessary. These limits often vary according to the country in which you travel. Note, however, that it is likely that you are already insured through your mutual or private insurance (such as the DKV).




During the technical checks of the aircraft, the mechanical team realizes that the cabin is not well pressurized. It must therefore make the necessary changes and repairs so that it is restored. However, this means delay, sometimes exceeding 4 hours. And if your credit card covers theft insurance , your insurer will compensate you from 125 € (Carrefour Visa Classic) to 400 € (American Express Platinum). This amount (whose daily limit varies according to the cards) will allow you, possibly, to lodge you and to susten you while waiting for the new flight.




Here you are at Bangkok airport but you do not see your bags arrive. This case occurs unfortunately too often when one decides to afford a stay abroad. But thanks to good travel insurance , you will be compensated in case of delay, whether small (usually more than 4 hours ) or large (often more than 48 hours ). The amount you will receive to buy the necessary on-site varies between 125 € and 1,500 € , depending on the number of hours of delay as well as your credit card.

On the other hand, it is important to note that not all banks offer coverage in both cases. Indeed, while Brussels Airlines MasterCard, Crelan and Nagelmackers only compensate for delays of more than 4 hours, Axa Visa Premiumplus pushes the limit to more than 6 hours and ING and Keytrade Bank more than 12 hours.


The car

The car

You go to the south of France by car but crash engine 100km before your destination. She is at hand. You finally saw the end of the tunnel and your children were already happy to dive into the pool of this beautiful holiday villa that you had rented for two weeks. Do not panic ! If your credit card covers troubleshooting assistance , your insurer will send you help or a replacement car so you can continue your vacation as planned.


In summary

The number of credit cards offering insurance when traveling abroad is high. Indeed, Juan and Pedro Surface has identified 22 . But the data varies according to the maps. You will not have the same insurance or the same benefits whether you have a card or another. If you want to go abroad, it is therefore imperative to find out about the coverages linked to your card in order to avoid paying unnecessary insurance and, as a result, losing money.

Now that you are aware and know everything about travel insurance , you can take the road safely , without fearing the vagaries of life and travel.

How Best to Borrow Money Online?

If you want to proceed with the purchase of a home or want to (re) build it, then you may not have enough with your savings. To obtain the necessary capital, you can appeal to a person or an institution that you want to borrow the money for .


You can take out a loan through a family member or friend, the so-called private loan

private loan

But that is not really recommended. There is a good chance that your friend or family member is not willing to lend you the amount and, furthermore, a long-term financial dependence can seriously dampen your (good) relationship with your family member or acquaintance. On this website, however, we give you tips if you want to proceed with a private loan.

The best way not to mix private issues with your financial affairs is to use the services of a financial institution (a bank or a lender) . This can easily provide you with a sum of money that you will only have fully repaid in 10 or 20 years (or earlier). This service also has its price: interest or interest .


The financial institution will also require assurance that you can repay the loan

repay the loan

That is why a guarantee is requested. This can be a person, a property or securities (shares, savings certificates, bonds, etc.) or a mortgage on your property. The latter is the most common deposit. We also provide you with information about the outstanding balance insurance and / or life insurance policy .

This website wants to show you the different options. Born from our own experiences we give you our vision.


We are not a lender


But we want to fill the gap on the internet when it comes to information about Jerry Lemon and credit so that you can go to a bank or lender well prepared. We insist that you always follow our tips on borrowing smart money so that you do not get into financial difficulties.

Do you want to take out a loan? Then consult the following lenders.

Financial advice – How to create your startup from scratch?

If you dream of your own business or want to start a project, but your company cannot start once and for all, it may be time to implement these useful financial advice on the most efficient way to create your startup .

What is a startup?

What is a startup?

In the last 2 decades, startups or startups have been setting a trend. Why? They have represented a new business model that has evolved by leaps and bounds with great success, thanks to technology, the web and multimedia tools.

Thousands of entrepreneurs have taken the initiative to propose and exploit an innovative concept to stand out from the rest and be recognized, using various digital media. Thus we have the example of social networks, which have grown steadily and steadily as Facebook.

And surely you also have many positive and innovative ideas that can change the world , even to some extent, but do you know how to transport those ideas to the next level? The one that leads your business to win more and more customers and to increase capital.

Strategically speaking, what you require is that your ideas can be introduced to the market today, which is increasingly demanding and challenging, that you manage to create your startup and attract masses and then develop and obtain an imminent launch of your business with absolute success.

Now, the question you could ask yourself is why undertake? It is more than obvious that people always look for something better, something of their own, that we can work for ourselves and not for others, right?

Why seek economic independence?

Why seek economic independence?

So why seek economic independence? We are enjoying ourselves in a company that manufactures what we like and passionate, for example, if it is coffee, it will be that coffee that bears our own brand, our identity, our pride.

In this modern and technological era, you need to optimize your digital tools, adapt them to your business idea and focus on your dream, not that of others.

But remember that the longer you spend, you will lose important opportunities that could make the difference between the growth you are looking for and simple desire without ever having materialized, so stop thinking so much and start now.

In this practical guide on how to create your startup from scratch , you can find helpful tips that will transform your business vision and make you take the first step with more security and focus, to make a meaningful decision, like a winner.

But this does not only imply, for example, a market research or realizing your idea, it also has to do with the correct and intelligent management of your finances, which play an extremely important role in this life project.

Then, everything you need to know to create your startup and succeed in this issue that is so complex for many.

Start your startup now

Start your startup now

It will seem monotonous and even obvious that the first step is to start, but, even if you do not believe it, many startup projects do not even start for various reasons, which obey everything except for lack of budget.

Here is an essential detail, although money is a necessary element, it will always be just a tool. So the fact of not having this resource is no excuse for not starting your business, the money will come with your effort, do not become an obstacle for yourself.

What are you going to sell?

What are you going to sell?

The second and perhaps one of the most important points is that you really think about that product or service that you would sell. Entrepreneurs are able to innovate, but sometimes it is not so, just sell the usual thing differently, with added value to differentiate you.

Meet your ideal or potential customers

Meet your ideal or potential customers

This factor is key when creating your startup, if you are an insurance entrepreneur there is a field for you, but there are also many people who require that service or product you offer, the important thing is to know what these potential consumers want.

Through a market study, learn what your real needs are and adjust your business to the best service that will represent a solution for everyone. This will allow you to improve and even highlight your competition.

Importance of hiring freelancers

Importance of hiring freelancers

It is essential that you build a competitive work team that provides solutions, but how about hiring freelancers? They are talented people who would work from a distance, which you could take advantage of, since, as one of the best financial advice , this would be more economical and beneficial for you.

Freelancers can offer their services even from other countries, it is only necessary that you take that somewhat risky step, but if so, it will give you maximum results.

Work by project

When working under an employee-employer relationship, many problems come with you that will not let you move forward quickly, for example, most people are not encouraged to work in a startup because it means a very new business that is not yet strongly established.

This should not limit you, so do not hire employees, but collaborators for specific jobs, this means that once the project is completed, the person is paid and the relationship ends until a new project is simple and effective!



Now that you know the best tips to create your startup from scratch , you are ready to undertake, in addition to saving in several ways, but be careful to overdraw your credit cards in expenses for your business, because what can be a solution could end in Put an end to your dreams.

Do you know the function and benefits of Fintech companies? They would represent a true solution to solve debts that you have on your credit card, but not everyone offers you a plan adapted to your needs.