How Best to Borrow Money Online?


If you want to proceed with the purchase of a home or want to (re) build it, then you may not have enough with your savings. To obtain the necessary capital, you can appeal to a person or an institution that you want to borrow the money for .


You can take out a loan through a family member or friend, the so-called private loan

private loan

But that is not really recommended. There is a good chance that your friend or family member is not willing to lend you the amount and, furthermore, a long-term financial dependence can seriously dampen your (good) relationship with your family member or acquaintance. On this website, however, we give you tips if you want to proceed with a private loan.

The best way not to mix private issues with your financial affairs is to use the services of a financial institution (a bank or a lender) . This can easily provide you with a sum of money that you will only have fully repaid in 10 or 20 years (or earlier). This service also has its price: interest or interest .


The financial institution will also require assurance that you can repay the loan

repay the loan

That is why a guarantee is requested. This can be a person, a property or securities (shares, savings certificates, bonds, etc.) or a mortgage on your property. The latter is the most common deposit. We also provide you with information about the outstanding balance insurance and / or life insurance policy .

This website wants to show you the different options. Born from our own experiences we give you our vision.


We are not a lender


But we want to fill the gap on the internet when it comes to information about Jerry Lemon and credit so that you can go to a bank or lender well prepared. We insist that you always follow our tips on borrowing smart money so that you do not get into financial difficulties.

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