Enjoy Travel Insurance With Your Credit Card

Everyone wants to take time for themselves and their family. And who says holidays abroad says travel insurance . Indeed, we are never safe from a glitch during our trip. Yet many Belgians do not know what their credit card covers . Therefore, having two similar insurances is commonplace. For details of the information, refer to the table at the end of the article.


The health

The health

This is a significant point, since both a small booster or a more serious accident can happen at any time. Prevention is better than cure.

One of your children falls seriously and is paralyzed. The travel assistance allows your family to be insured in case of death or permanent disability. And the compensation can range from € 100,000 (Carrefour Visa Classic) to € 500,000 (American Express Platinum, Cretbank World Travel MasterCard and Cretbank Premium Flying Blue MasterCard).

During your stay in the United States, a tick infected with the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi stings you thus causing Lyme disease. An urgent visit to the doctor, an electrocardiogram and a neurological examination must imperatively be performed. Unfortunately, this is very expensive (the price of a simple blood test in this country can reach 800 €). It is therefore better to have excellent health insurance . This, if included in your credit card, will take into account your medical expenses, your stay in the hospital and repatriation if necessary. These limits often vary according to the country in which you travel. Note, however, that it is likely that you are already insured through your mutual or private insurance (such as the DKV).




During the technical checks of the aircraft, the mechanical team realizes that the cabin is not well pressurized. It must therefore make the necessary changes and repairs so that it is restored. However, this means delay, sometimes exceeding 4 hours. And if your credit card covers theft insurance , your insurer will compensate you from 125 € (Carrefour Visa Classic) to 400 € (American Express Platinum). This amount (whose daily limit varies according to the cards) will allow you, possibly, to lodge you and to susten you while waiting for the new flight.




Here you are at Bangkok airport but you do not see your bags arrive. This case occurs unfortunately too often when one decides to afford a stay abroad. But thanks to good travel insurance , you will be compensated in case of delay, whether small (usually more than 4 hours ) or large (often more than 48 hours ). The amount you will receive to buy the necessary on-site varies between 125 € and 1,500 € , depending on the number of hours of delay as well as your credit card.

On the other hand, it is important to note that not all banks offer coverage in both cases. Indeed, while Brussels Airlines MasterCard, Crelan and Nagelmackers only compensate for delays of more than 4 hours, Axa Visa Premiumplus pushes the limit to more than 6 hours and ING and Keytrade Bank more than 12 hours.


The car

The car

You go to the south of France by car but crash engine 100km before your destination. She is at hand. You finally saw the end of the tunnel and your children were already happy to dive into the pool of this beautiful holiday villa that you had rented for two weeks. Do not panic ! If your credit card covers troubleshooting assistance , your insurer will send you help or a replacement car so you can continue your vacation as planned.


In summary

The number of credit cards offering insurance when traveling abroad is high. Indeed, Juan and Pedro Surface has identified 22 . But the data varies according to the maps. You will not have the same insurance or the same benefits whether you have a card or another. If you want to go abroad, it is therefore imperative to find out about the coverages linked to your card in order to avoid paying unnecessary insurance and, as a result, losing money.

Now that you are aware and know everything about travel insurance , you can take the road safely , without fearing the vagaries of life and travel.

How Best to Borrow Money Online?

If you want to proceed with the purchase of a home or want to (re) build it, then you may not have enough with your savings. To obtain the necessary capital, you can appeal to a person or an institution that you want to borrow the money for .


You can take out a loan through a family member or friend, the so-called private loan

private loan

But that is not really recommended. There is a good chance that your friend or family member is not willing to lend you the amount and, furthermore, a long-term financial dependence can seriously dampen your (good) relationship with your family member or acquaintance. On this website, however, we give you tips if you want to proceed with a private loan.

The best way not to mix private issues with your financial affairs is to use the services of a financial institution (a bank or a lender) . This can easily provide you with a sum of money that you will only have fully repaid in 10 or 20 years (or earlier). This service also has its price: interest or interest .


The financial institution will also require assurance that you can repay the loan

repay the loan

That is why a guarantee is requested. This can be a person, a property or securities (shares, savings certificates, bonds, etc.) or a mortgage on your property. The latter is the most common deposit. We also provide you with information about the outstanding balance insurance and / or life insurance policy .

This website wants to show you the different options. Born from our own experiences we give you our vision.


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But we want to fill the gap on the internet when it comes to information about Jerry Lemon and credit so that you can go to a bank or lender well prepared. We insist that you always follow our tips on borrowing smart money so that you do not get into financial difficulties.

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